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Sink Your Teeth Into Writing

If we set ourselves manageable goals, write at a certain time every day, shut out distractions, and forge on even through boring sections, we're still only doing half the job that our creative writing requires. Writing isn't just "getting stuff done", after all; it's supposed to be a form of artistic expression, a means of communicating our most heartfelt thoughts to the world. We need gusto in our writing. So today I want to remind you of a few ways to sit down and sink your teeth into your writing with passion and determination. (Read more »)

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Call for Submissions: Current Events

From natural disasters to political uprisings, thereีs a lot going on in our world. Do you have a first-hand account, a unique perspective, or a strong opinion on a topic currently in the news? The teen perspective is too often left out of the media dialogue, so submit your story or opinion and make sure your voice is heard.

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