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The Ten Rules of Writing Magic

Magic is ubiquitous in fantasy - much like advanced technology in science fiction - and for good reason. Spells and potions can add intrigue and complexity to an otherwise everyday narrative. When they are used improperly, however, they can destroy reader credibility, erase drama and suspense, and punch holes in your plot. Want to wield magic like a pro? Masterful sorcery begins with these ten simple rules (most apply to technology too, sci-fi writers): (Read more »)

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Celebrate the National Day on Writing

The urge to write can be a mysterious calling. There are so many different ways to understand not only the why of writing, but what one gets out of it. To celebrate the National Day on Writing, Oct. 20, the NWP has joined The New York Times Learning Network, Edutopia, and Figment to collect the thoughts of people from all walks of life -- scientists, reporters, poets, teachers, and students -- to discover why they write. Tell us why you write on Facebook and Twitter--and include the hashtag #whyiwrite.

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