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Writing Takes Discipline

When we're finished with a writing project, we're often tempted to break the hard writing routine and kick back for a while. We need time to decompress and push writing away for a while; we need to relax and just not think. While it's important to decompress and reward ourselves after a project, it's equally important to maintain the discipline of writing. I am only a wary believer in the sudden strike of inspiration as a source for our ideas; I am more inclined to believe that if we work hard and regularly, we'll be all the more ready when inspiration strikes. This Picasso quotation is important to my working philosophy: "When inspiration comes, I want it to find me working." (Read more »)

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Now that the much-beloved Harry Potter series is finished both in print and onscreen, fans are looking back on their experiences growing up with Harry. Are you a fan? What did you think of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, the final film? We will feature this movie in our reviews section in September, so send in your reviews before August 15!

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