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Make Your School Days Delicious

So you wake up ridiculously early, slog through your shower and teeth-brushing, grab your backpack, and rush out the door without even a second to spare. It's a typical morning for many high-school students, but it's missing one crucial'umm'ingredient. Did you catch it? Too many students regularly skip breakfast, and that can seriously affect their concentration in class, as well as their performance in sports and on tests. Want some fast, easy, delicious ways to energize in the morning? Then read on. And no, coffee with sugar doesn't count. (Read more »)

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The New Girl

'Don't worry. Lots of kids have moved here and made new friends in the blink of an eye,' my new teacher tells me. 'Oh, and don't be concerned about your braces. Most everyone has them here.' Great. Even my new teacher thinks I'm a nerd, and he hasn't even known me for five minutes. If my teacher thinks that, I can't imagine what the rest of the class is going to think. ... (Read more »)

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Papa's Winning Smile
Space Bubbles
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