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Teen Health Answers

Rumors of any kind are bad enough, but rumors about teen health can hurt you even more than that pesky whisper about what you did at the party last weekend. And with so much contradictory info out there, it can be almost impossible to know where to turn.

Of course, the best source of health information is always your family doctor. No website can replace personal, professional medical advice. And because some of the websites listed here contain information about teen sexuality, you should check with your parents before you visit them. It might be embarrassing to talk about your health with your parents, but you know they have your best interest at heart.

Teen Health FX covers a lot of basics, from fitness to injuries. There's even a section called 'Think Like a Pancreas' for teens with Type 1 Diabetes.

Scarleteen calls itself 'sex education for the real world' and that's just what you'll get: straightforward answers to questions you might be embarrassed to ask your school nurse. This site is thorough and honest, which makes it a great resource'but you'll want to get the OK from your parents before you visit this one.

Teen Health Medline Plus is a government-run site that, like Teen Health FX, has information about a wide range of issues. With its alphabetized index and easy-to-navigate design, it's the closest thing to a teen health encyclopedia that you'll find online.

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This Week's Most Popular Health Article

Suicide and the Media

Sensitivity must be used when the media reports on teen suicides. Sounds obvious, but it doesn't always happen. And when it doesn't, you often find copycat attempts in the wake of a teen suicide. How does it happen? Impulsive teenagers are more prone to suicide. Studies have shown that this, combined with a glamorized /C-<>account of the details and the nature of the suicide ' the method used, and other titillating information ' can cause a spike in teen suicide in the local area. And, when a famous person commits suicide, teen suicide rises on a national level. ... (Read more »)

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