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December 21st, 2009

Resolve Better

This Extra Ink was written by Betsy C.

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The New Year is almost upon us, and while I'm sure you've resolved to help out your favorite nonprofit (Teen Ink, of course!) you may be wondering what other resolutions should make your list for 2010. Sure, you could go the tired, traditional route and vow to work out or get organized--but there's so much more you could do! Teen Ink is all about originality, and you know Extra Ink's got you covered for resolutions that will help you, help your community, and best of all: they'll be fun!

I'm willing to bet that getting into shape is the most popular New Year's resolution out there. Yeah, most of us (me included) could use some more gym time, but I'm thinking that this year I might resolve to improve the world outside, not just my own body. Try volunteering at your local community center, nursing home, or after school program. If you want to shape up your body and your community, you could take daily walks around the park--and clean up litter while you do it. After all, helping others feels better than a toned belly ever will.

Another same-old resolution is the vow to eat healthier: cut out fat or sugar or carbs or whatever the evil ingredient du jour will be next year. I'll do you one better: next year, vow to eat not healthier, but better! Instead of buying bags of mass-produced cookies or gallons of ice cream, try your hand at making your own. Cooking can really be fun, and it's cheaper (and usually healthier) than eating out. You can check out food blogs like this one to get some great, easy recipe ideas. And if you cook, your parents might even take over dishwashing duties!

With a bit of tweaking, you can make a resolution that fits your own goals, not those everyone tells you to have. If you carve your own path and follow your own resolutions, they'll be easier to keep than you ever thought possible.

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