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May 15, 2009


This Extra Ink was written by Betsy C.

Okay, so we all know the internet is great for news, social networking, and sharing your art and writing with the world--like on Teen Ink Raw! But we also know that the internet is a most excellent source of pure, escapist entertainment, whether you want to play a flash game or watch a video on YouTube. This week on Extra Ink, I'd like to introduce you to a really fun website that definitely falls into the 'pure escapist entertainment' category.

That website is Polyvore.com. Think of it as magazine design meets scrapbooking meets fashion. It's an interactive program that lets you put together outfits, collages or pretty much whatever you can imagine, using their thousands upon thousands of pre-uploaded images or uploading your own. If you're on a budget but like to daydream about your ideal high-end wardrobe, this is the perfect site for you. You can make outfits featuring Armani dresses and Louboutin heels, all without spending a cent. In this economic crunch-time, who doesn't need an escape like that?

The picture above is just one example of the bazillions of "sets," or collages, that creative users put together on Polyvore every day. You can look at everyone's sets and comment on them, too, and it's fun to see which of your own sets become most popular.

People of all ages are flocking to Polyvore, and this site is getting more and more popular each day. Is it a 'game-changer' like FaceBook or MySpace? That's yet to be seen. But get in on it now, and you can say you knew Polyvore way back when.

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