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May 1, 2009

Tech Tips

This Extra Ink was written by Teen Ink blogger Thomas D.

Teen Ink bloggers are full of great advice! This week, Technology blogger Thomas D. offers tech advice that'll make your life easier--and who doesn't need that, especially as the end of the school year approaches?

Go, go gadgets! Technology tips:

* Buy an alarm clock that doesn't have a huge sleep or off button on it, or if you

do have an alarm clock that does, move it across your room because I have found humans

have an ability to turn off alarm clocks while sleeping.

* Create a loose schedule to live by. As Brain Age on the Nintendo DS says, following

an exact schedule can suppress brain stimulation. Schedules help a lot to not get way too

side-tracked. I, for example, need to practice singing and instruments more, and

practicing something NEEDS to get scheduled and done everyday until it becomes a daily

habit. Studies have proven it takes 21 days to develop a healthy, or unhealthy habit,

work on what you need to do.

* Don't rely on anonymity online. In our society, people say things online they would

NEVER say in real life. That is a bad thing, you never know when you will hurt someone. I

don't want to sound like your parents (or my parents, now that I think about it) but if

you would not say it to someone's face, don't say it online.

Tips for PC users:

* Windows Vista is faster and cleaner than XP, which of course is always one of the

main goals when there are upgrades to anything.

* More ways to keep in touch. From Windows Live Mail to Windows Messenger there are

many ways to talk and communicate photos with others quickly and seamlessly(well, as good

as you can get).

* Great gaming for PC users: For gamers, there are tons of amazing ways to enjoy any games from solitaire to Half-Life!

* Music. Enjoy your music on Windows Media Player 11. Also use Windows Media Center

to bring all your Music, Movies and other Media right on to your desktop with a click of

a button.

Thanks, Thomas--and as always, check out Teen Ink Blogs for more inspiration, advice and honesty from real teens!

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