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February 27, 2009


This Extra Ink was written by Betsy C.

A few questions for your consideration:

1. Do you do complete your homework or assignment in advance of its deadline?

2. Do you have a place at home where you can study without being distracted?

3. Are you able to forget about schoolwork once you have finished studying?

(questions from AcademicTips.org)

For even the best of students, the answer to these questions isn't always a resounding "yes." We can all improve our learning and studying skills, no matter where we are in school. If you've ever stared at a paper topic with no idea how to approach it, if you've ever lost a homework sheet in the shuffle of your disorganized binder, if you've ever sat down to an exam only to discover you've studied all the wrong things, then you know there are better methods out there. But where can you learn them?

The answer lies (as it often does here at Extra Ink) on the Internet. There are plenty of study skills websites out there, but one of the most thorough is AcademicTips.org. The site is divided into tips for high school and college students, but for the purposes of Teen Ink, we'll focus on the high school section. The first link on the page lists questions about study habits, some of which you already read at the beginning of this article. If you answer those questions honestly, you'll know which sections of the site will be most helpful. From there, you can use the index to find exactly what you need: everything from organizational skills to the "lucky mascot" trick (a totally brilliant idea, by the way--but one you'll have to check the site to see). No matter what your strengths and weaknesses, you'll find something useful here.

Everybody needs help with studying sometimes, and there's nothing wrong with that. If you were already a perfect student, you wouldn't really be learning anything, right? And in high school and afterwards, one of the best things you can do with your life is to learn as much as you can. AcademicTips.org gives you the skills--it's you're job to put them to use.

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