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September 26, 2008

Indie-Music.com End Musical Boredom

This Extra Ink was written by our intern, Betsy C.

There is definitely no lack of musical diversity in our culture. We're bombarded with it almost every waking second, on the radio and in movies, TV shows, advertisements, and websites. You can even set up your MySpace page to play your favorite song! And don't forget the self-induced 'selective hearing' brought on by the advent of the mp3 player. No, choice is not an issue when it comes to the music that's available to us today.

So the question then becomes: how do you sift through the huge amount of music offered to consumers and find the sounds with which you can really connect? There are countless websites out there that offer reviews and samples of new or interesting music (whatever that might mean to the site developer), but Indie-Music.com is one of most useful and in-depth such sites currently available. It's got music-site basics like favorites lists, new band profiles, and concert alerts. However, Indie-Music also boasts 19 of its own streaming online radio stations, and offers other stations as well, all of which are available for free listening. And don't let the site name lead you astray--the term 'indie' may conjure up images of acoustic guitars or ubiquitous 'emo bands,' but this site covers pretty much every genre out there. The only requirement is, of course, that the artist be unsigned or signed to an independent lable--thus the term 'indie' in the first place! Here you'll find anything and everything: Blues, Hip-Hop, Country, Experimental, and World, just to name a few.

If your current iPod selections are feeling repetitive or you're tired of the 'same old thing' on the radio, the internet is your best resource for new music--especially if you live in an area that's not exactly a hotbed of hip concert venues. You can definitely trust Indie-Music to point you in the right direction.

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