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September 19, 2008

DeviantArt.com - Be Devious

This Extra Ink was written by our intern, Betsy C.

You may have heard of Deviant Art already. You may think of it, as I did for some time, as mainly part of the fan-fiction subculture: a place where Harry Potter fanatics can post their latest "Ron Hearts Hermione" drawings for review. And it's true--Deviant Art is a great source for illustrations of any and all of your favorite books and movies, everything from Twilight to The Time Traveler's Wife, and good old Harry, too.

You would really be cheating yourself, however, if you limited your perusal of Deviant Art to its more bookish, fan-centered offerings. There is a nearly endless trove of edgy photography, drawings and paintings, and digital design on the site, and some of the work is truly professional-quality.

But despite the highly imaginative content and huge scale of the site, Deviant Art is an accessible site that's very easy to navigate, whether you're looking for something specific or just 'digging around.' You can search by medium, subject, or even style (e.g. anime), or you can browse by inspiration--drawings based on novels, comics, TV shows, or films. Much of the fan art is based on books and series popular with teens, as well, so you're almost definitely going to find something culled from your favorite entertainment indulgence.

Deviant Art's selections even extend into the third dimension with its "Artisan Crafts" section, and offer moving artwork under "Flash" and "Film & Animation."

Browsing Deviant Art is basically like digging through someone's highly active imagination. Like our imaginations, large sections of the site are inspired by favorite books and other media. But there is also lot of remarkable, diverse artwork on the site that isn't directly culled from those sources. Spend a few minutes at Deviant Art, and your own imagination will fire up in exciting ways that you maybe hadn't recognized before.

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