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July 10, 2008

Introducing Teen Ink RAW

Artwork for this issue is by cartoonist Misako Rocks. Detective Jermain Vol. 1 is out this September. Check out this and more teen illustrated serials at MisakoRocks.com

You asked for it, so you got it.

TeenInk.com is now totally interactive!

Tired of reading stories and not being able to tell the author how inspiring their work is, or how skewed their opinion might be? Ever wonder where a poet got their inspiration? Well now you can ask!

Send feedback to authors, rate their stories, send articles to your friends for them to vote on, and try to get your favorite stories on the Most Popular list. Are you a published author? Well now you can get comments from your readers, exchange ideas, and find out how popular your story is. Who knows, you could be the next Teen Ink Wunderkind!

Still not enough? -- Just this month, Teen Ink has revealed its Teen Ink RAW project. If you've logged onto TeenInk.com lately, you might have noticed that the homepage peels back to reveal a secret page. This, my friends, is Teen Ink RAW. Welcome to a site with totally unedited, unfiltered teen-generated poetry, fiction, articles, reviews and artwork. Anything that's submitted to us is published here first with no editor's touch, solely in the fresh voice of the author.

Just click on the revealed page or log on to TeenInk.com/Raw and start rating stories and sending feedback directly to the authors. Very soon you'll be able to create profiles where you can take part and interact with the whole Teen Ink community right on TeenInk.com!

Submitting your work? Now when you submit your stories to Teen Ink, you can choose images to represent your story, write a mini-bio and tell people something about your submission.

By popular demand, TeenInk.com has become not just a place to read great material, but to take part in it.

Start now by making friends on Teen Ink and voting on your favorite stories. Just log on to www.TeenInk.com/Raw and enjoy!

Oh, and of course, TeenInk.com is still around for reliable edited content and you can always count on Teen Ink to publish the strongest teen writing around.

P.S. Call For Submissions: Are you touring colleges this summer? Tell us what you think of them. Did the dorms stink? Were they too small? Was the cafeteria food amazing? Was it in a big city, or in the middle of nowhere? Send us your College Reviews now, and save your peers from the bad choices, and point them in the direction of the good.

Find Teen Ink on Facebook and MySpace and join our online community. Start participating in weekly writing exercises, updates on contests and cool websites, and a ton more! And don't forget to tell your friends about us.

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"Detective Jermain" artwork by Misako Rocks. See more illustrations from this great and witty teen cartoonist at www.misakorocks.com.



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