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June 26, 2008

Two Teens Create Their Own Magazine: Stand & Voice

Artwork for this issue is by cartoonist Misako Rocks. Detective Jermain Vol. 1 is out this September. Check out this and more teen illustrated serials at MisakoRocks.com

There's no reason to feel powerless just because you're a teenager. No matter what adults or society may tell you, you can make a difference. Just ask Baobao Zhang and Michael Xu, the publishers and creators of the new teen literary magazine Stand & Voice!

Zhang, a senior at Episcopal High School in Virginia, got the idea for Stand & Voice after her poems kept being rejected from publishers. Instead of quitting or feeling sorry for herself, Zhang joined up with her friend Michael Xu, now a freshman at Bard College, and decided --to heck with adult publishers, let's create a publication for teens!

They immediately went to work, researching successful publications such as Teen Ink and The New Yorker and calling publishing professionals in order to learn as much as they could about what it takes to create and maintain a magazine. The best advice Zhang got: "Have fun. If you stop having fun, stop doing it." The same could be said for the writer as much as the publisher.

Zhang and Xu's hard work paid off. They now have the Stand & Voice website up and running at StandandVoice.org and a blog at StandandVoice.blogspot.com. They publish their teen literary magazine quarterly, with content that includes fiction, poetry, criticism and visual art. And like Teen Ink, all their content is by middle and high school students.

Stand & Voice is now looking for submissions and volunteers to join their editorial staff. Not only is this an incredible opportunity, but you are supporting two teenagers who turned their backs on the naysayers and proved that not only do teenagers have a voice, they have a powerful one.

Submit your work now at www.standandvoice.org. If you have any questions about the magazine, or if you're interested in volunteering for the editorial staff, contact Baobao directly at bfz@standandvoice.org.

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"Detective Jermain" artwork by Misako Rocks. See more illustrations from this great and witty teen cartoonist at www.misakorocks.com.



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