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June 16, 2008

Teen Ink Blogs: Blog It Like You Mean It!

This Extra Ink was written by our intern, Lacey U. Artwork for this issue is by cartoonist Misako Rocks. Detective Jermain Vol. 1 is out this September. Check out this and more teen illustrated serials at MisakoRocks.com

You've updated your MySpace page. You've checked all of your friends' status messages on Facebook. You've already seen the latest funny YouTube video a dozen times. You're still bored. What's next?

If you're looking for more from the Internet than wall posts and status updates, Teen Ink Blogs are the perfect new site for you to bookmark. Featuring a dozen blogs entirely written FOR teens BY teens.

Curious about life after high school? College freshman Chelsea's got your back in her Teen Ink College Blog. Desperately behind on current events with a history project looming? Get a teen perspective on the world via Christine's Global Issues blog or Dorry's Politics blog, and ask them questions.

Or all of you aspiring writers can visit the Fiction/Poetry and Sci-Fi/Fantasy blogs for inspiration, guidance, and much more. Other blogs discuss fashion, books, music, movies, art and photos, and health, so whatever kind of mood you're in, Teen Ink blogs have it.

But the best part about blogs is that they offer the chance to talk back. Teen Ink's blogs are on a mission to make you think and get you involved. Read and enjoy, or add your comments and thoughts to get the discussion going. If you have something to add, then your fellow readers, the blog writers, and all of us here at Teen Ink want to hear it. Even if you're not a primary blogger, you can still build a loyal following all on your own. Sign up now to be a secondary blogger!

P.S. Teen Ink's store now has stuff just for Seniors! Go to TeenInk.com and click on Teen Ink Store. Or click here to see apparel and accessories you can't find anywhere else. We have one-of-a-kind designs BY teens, with quote shirts from teen stories. So take a look! You may just find the perfect gift for Dad's day, or for a friend on graduation.

Find Teen Ink on Facebook and MySpace and join our online community. Start participating in weekly writing exercises, updates on contests and cool websites, and a ton more! And don't forget to tell your friends about us.

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"Detective Jermain" artwork by Misako Rocks. See more illustrations from this great and witty teen cartoonist at www.misakorocks.com.



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