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June 6, 2008

Gaia Online: A VR World for Teens

This Extra Ink was written by our intern, Lacey U. Artwork for this issue is by cartoonist Misako Rocks. Check out more teen illustrated serials at MisakoRocks.com

LET'S FACE IT - sometimes we all just need to get away. If you're yearning to escape without ever leaving the comfort of your home, you should join the millions of teens who are discovering the world of Gaia Online.

Gaia Online brings virtual reality, art, and manga together to create a truly unique world for teens. Join forums where you can say hi to friends or participate in larger discussions, and even help create stories and worlds of your own through role-play. All new users create an avatar when they sign up - personalize your VR self any way you like. Your avator will not only appear in your forum postings, but you can even have walk through online environments and interact with other Gaians!

Get around with Gaia Gold, the site's online currency, which can buy you even more options and open up a seemingly endless world of possibilities. You don't even have to slave for wages. Earn gold by playing games and posting on the forums, then turn right around and buy things to make your VR world truly your own. Gaia also offers rewards for frequent users and Gaia Cash cards to Wal-Mart, Rite Aid, or Target!.

So excite your imagination and become a Gaian today. Walk through Towns to other's houses, chat with friends, throw a virtual snowball. See a new film at Gaia Cinemas every Monday, even chat with your friends while sitting in the virtual theater or throw popcorn at the screen. Just as satisfying as real life, without the mess and hassle.

Gaia also hosts contests where users can earn Gaia Gold for their creativity.

Gaia is truly a one-stop shop for those with a little curiosity and a lot of imagination. With millions of new users every month, why not check out a place where (virtually) anything can happen. Log on now to GaiaOnline.com

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"Peach de Punch" artwork by Misako Rocks. See more illustrations from this great and witty teen cartoonist at www.misakorocks.com.



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