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May 9, 2008

Paint the Town "Red"

It seems like every teen site these days is more obsessed with who's dating who or which pop star's on the out-and-out and which one's on the up-and-up. If it feels like your brain's turning to oatmeal after hours of perusing all these sites, it's probably because it is.

Red Studio at MoMa.org -that's the Museum of Modern Art in New York--offers a really awesome alternative to teen media on the net. Instead of interviews with Beyonce on her favorite lipstick or Chris Brown promoting his new album in a faux Q&A, you get video of actual teens interviewing fascinating people like Pixar's Ralph Eggleston, writer of Monster's Inc. and director of For the Birds who talks about a ton of creative subjects at redstudio.moma.org. Interested in art? Find a ton of video interviews of teens talking to famous artists whose works are on display at MoMa.

Are you a doer more than a watcher? Fine, instead of a slew of celebrity quizzes -Guess who's hair!--you'll find at Red Studio cool activities like how to make your own photograms at home or how to write a Dadaist Poem or create your own collage. The activities are always changing too, so there's always something new.

Red Studio seriously has everything. Podcasts and summer opportunities and contests and...well, just check it out for yourself. Log on to redstudio.moma.org and start being bombarded by a different kind of media, the kind that'll make your brain happy, not mushy.

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