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April 25, 2008

Teen Ink Blog - NEW!

This blog was co-written by our intern, Maria P. Thank you, Maria!

Have you ever just wished teens could have their own place to blog about topics and issues that really matter to them? Wish granted.

Imagine you turn to look in the mirror -and gasp!--you are, without a doubt, not the best dresser in the room. If only you could get some advice from someone who isn't an adult regurgitating celebrity fashion, but just someone who knows how to dress like a teen, like you.

Or, you're hearing all this hubbaloo about Obama and Hilary. Who's who and why? Find out what the issues are, and who's who in politics, from teens. Forget the gray-haired pundits.

Need a good movie to see on Saturday night with your date? Who says Roger & Ebert know it all? Wouldn't you rather hear what's cool and what's not from other teens?

Well, now you can do all of that and more on TeenInk.com/blogs!

Whether you're trying to find the perfect outfit or exploring who to support come Election 2008, on TeenInk.com you can now find advice from teens who have been wondering many of the same questions you have. TeenInk.com now has an assortment of blogs, from any subject ranging from fashion to writer's block, photography to eating disorders. We have book reviews and college talk. Whatever you're looking for, Teen Ink has it covered at the Teen Ink Blogs!

But wait - there's more. Unlike ordinary blogs, where you come to read, Teen Ink encourages you to post your own blogs, comment on anything you read, and express your opinion. This is a place for you to talk, learn and to be heard. And each week, Teen Ink's official teen bloggers post something new and share some new knowledge with you that you might have wanted to know without even realizing it.

So log on now to TeenInk.com/blogs and start reading. Hey, start posting! Share interesting posts with your friends, throw in some comments of your own. But most of all, join the discussion. It's just a click away.

P.S. Dates for our Summer Online Writing Courses are now available on our website, at TeenInk.com. The best part about online summer writing classes? You can still sleep in and watch a ton of TV, because class is when you want it to be. And come next year, you'll be a stronger writer...and still be caught up on your favorite shows.

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