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March 28, 2008

Too Free to Be True

Money can't buy love and all the best things in life are free. How true an aphorism can be.

Now, if you spread the word about Teen Ink you can get free stuff!

Here's how: All you have to do is recommend Teen Ink to a friend or someone you know. It'll finally give you an excuse to talk to that boy or girl down the street you haven't yet gotten the courage to say hi to, let alone glance at in public. If they do become a friend of Teen Ink on Facebook or MySpace or even Extra Ink and mention your name, you could get one of three gifts:

One FREE copy of Teen Ink magazine.

One FREE copy of Teen Ink's Poetry Journal.

One FREE bookmark and Teen Ink pen (they're wooden, and really nice!).

What you end up getting in the mail will be a surprise, but the good news is, the more people you recommend who mention your name, the better chance you have at getting all of the FREE gifts above.

Now, here's the good news - if you recommend 100 people, you get a pick of any item in our Teen Ink Store. For FREE!

The Catch (all good things have one, especially when they're free): A recommendation is only counted if the person mentions your name and email address when they sign up with us. After you receive 1 of every gift above, you will not receive more until you recommend 100 people (what would you do with 99 copies of Teen Ink anyway?)

Remember - your friend HAS TO mention your name and email address or the recommendation does not count. We need these things in order to contact you about your FREE gifts, so it's in your best interest.

Your friends can email extraink@teenink.com to sign up. Or, if they have Facebook and MySpace, they can friend us directly on those sites.

P.S. Dates for our Summer Online Writing Courses are now available on our website, at TeenInk.com. The best part about online summer writing classes? You can still sleep in and watch a ton of TV, because class is when you want it to be. And come next year, you'll be a stronger writer...and still be caught up on your favorite shows.

Find Teen Ink on Facebook and MySpace and join our online community! And don't forget to tell your friends about Extra Ink.

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