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March 28, 2008

Out Fit Teen Ink Style

Me: Did you know that there's a Teen Ink store?

You: No! Seriously?

Me: True store-y!

You: That's not funny.

Me: Sorry. But the point is, there's a place you can go to get cool Teen Ink apparel, including hats, even clothes for your pets (coming soon).

You: I just got new clothes over Spring Break. What else do they have?

Me: Oh boy, they have anything and everything.

You: Do they have skins for iPods with the Teen Ink logo?

Me: Uh...no (sighs sadly). Maybe one day. But how about mouse pads, pins and stickers that say you're a published Teen Ink author, not to mention mugs and bags and... (hyperventilates)

You: Whoa. Easy there.

Me: But wait, there's more!

You: Maybe you should just sit down.

Me: What about clothing for your parents? The Teen Ink store has that too!

You: (on the phone) Hi, 911? Yes. This complete stranger just passed out in front of me. By the way? Did you know that Teen Ink has a store?

P.S. In May, Teen Ink is doing a feature on parents. So send us your stories, fiction or non-fiction (true), poems, even artwork on your mom or dad. You can submit your work by clicking here.

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