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March 12, 2008

Hollywood - What's Your Dream: Samsung Mobile Fresh Films

"Toto, I think we're not in Kansas anymore."

"Here's looking at you, kid."

"Pedro offers you his protection."

Chances are, you know exactly which movie to rent if you want to hear any of these classic movie lines, and probably many more. We quote our favorite characters in conversations everywhere, from school ("Bueller? Bueller?"), to the sports field ("Run, Forrest, run!"), to our houses ("There's no place like home!"). But the movies are much more than just an essential part of pop culture - they are one of the most artistic ways of expressing yourself. Ever thought about what you have to say?

If you are an aspiring screenwriter or filmmaker, Samsung Mobile Fresh Films wants to hear from you! Submit a 10-page or less script (along with your completed application) to the Emerging Screenwriters Competition and you could win the chance to have your script produced as a Samsung Mobile Fresh Film! The screenwriting winners will work with a team of professional writers to perfect their scripts before they are produced. Then, you can bask in the limelight at your own Hollywood premiere. The winning films will be viewed by millions across America as well as a star-studded Hollywood jury panel.

The due date for screenwriting submissions is March 24, 2008 (at noon CST), so get out your pencils and laptops and get started! Screenplays can be in whatever genre you like: drama, action/thriller, or comedy, so there's something for any creative mind. Need ideas or more info? Visit www.fresh-films.com/writers.htm for details on the application requirements, FAQs, and links to screenwriting websites to help you get started. You can also check out www.fresh-films.com for information about some of the other great opportunities to participate in Samsung Fresh Films on one of 19 filmmaking crews this summer. Also, check out www.fresh-films.com/gidc.htm for the all girl's directing opportunities. Ready, set -- action!

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