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January 25, 2008

Teen Ink Now Accepting Video Submissions!

    Did you know that Teen Ink is now accepting video submissions?

    Film (and in this day and age, video) has always been a form of personal, social and cultural expression as complex and entertaining as any literary work. Film adaptations of novels and short stories are so popular, not merely because original stories are hard to find, but because film often has the ability to flush out and elaborate on the written elements of a literary work, while also re-interpreting and expressing the written word in ways a piece of literature simply can't.

    The Lord of the Rings trilogy is never so exciting than when it's being watched. Harry Potter is never so real than when he's on the screen in those goofy glasses, and that scar. Captain Ahab, while far more nuanced in Melville's Moby Dick, is fantastic to watch in all his insanity on screen.

    That said, Teen Ink acknowledges that, sometimes, creative expression comes in video form. That's why we're asking all writers, poets, photographers, even aspiring film directors and screenwriters, to try their hand at submitting a video to Teen Ink.

    There are only a few guidelines:

Videos can be no longer than 2 minutes.

Videos cannot contain the work of someone else, such as movie clips or music videos.

The only formats accepted are .WMV, .MPEG, .AVI and .MOV.

Email all submissions to Video@teenink.com. In the Subject Heading, put the name of the piece and what category you're submitting it for (i.e. MOBY DICK - fiction adaptation).

You must include your full name/address/date of birth/phone #/email address/name of your high school in your email.

BE CREATIVE! If you have a mock Ebert & Roper review, a skit you and your friends put together, a video op-ed, or anything else at all, submit it!

    If your video is selected, you will be recognized in Teen Ink's print magazine and your video will be published on our website at www.teenink.com.

    If you have any questions about submitting, email Video@teenink.com.

    P.S. In April Teen Ink is doing a special College issue, so send us your college essays, personal statements, or college reviews. Tell us about what it was like visiting a certain campus, or about how stressful or inspiring it is to apply to college. You can submit your work by clicking here.

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