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December 7, 2007

WritersWeekly 24-Hour Short Story Contest

    What are you doing Saturday, January 26 at high noon (CST)?

    Sleeping in? Going to the movies? Watching TV? Well, 500 people across the world are going to be writing vigorously for a chance to win over 85 different prizes. Why don't you join them?

    On January 26, 2008, the e-zine WritersWeekly.com will host their annual 24-Hour Short Story Contest. Only 500 entrants are allowed to participate (so sign up now!). These 500 people will be given a topic at noon on January 26 and then-start your clocks!--they will have only 24 hours to write a short story using that topic in some way, shape or form. The only guideline is that the story be finished in 24 hours or less. That means any genre or style is accepted.

    Prizes include $300, publication in their e-zine and a "Freelance Income Kit" that will give you information on how to make a living off of freelance writing. Other prizes include various informational packets and ebooks on how to make it in the world as a writer, such as a professional guide to writing query letters.

    The cost is $5 to enter. It is, perhaps, a small price to pay for the inspiration that such a contest offers. Even if you don't win one of their 85 prizes, the 24-hour-old genius that you create could end up becoming an idea for your next short story, novella or novel. Heck, it could be the dialogue of your main character in your next play. In short -- you could use it as an exercise, and those are never a waste of time.

    So, just ask yourself: Should your January 26th be just another ordinary Saturday?

    Check out a detailed list of guidelines at


    P.S. In February Teen Ink is doing a special Love issue, so send us your non-fiction experiences, your fiction stories, or your poems for a chance to be included. You can submit your work by clicking here.



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