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September 26, 2007

MySpace is YourSpace

    Are you on MySpace? Well, we are, and here's why:

    Did you know that no matter where you go in the world, every sixth person you'll meet will be on MySpace? Ask around, every 3rd person in the United States has at least visited MySpace, if they don't already have a page. That's over 200 million MySpace Profiles! Also surprisingly, business executives use it almost just as much as teenagers do now, to keep in touch with colleagues, stay up on current news, and to share stories and swap advice (and a little gossip). Which means when you go out into the job world, no need to abandon the old tried and true ways of online social networking. You may, however, have to do a bit of editing on your Profile. You know what I mean, wink wink.

    So why is Teen Ink on MySpace? Because we want to keep in touch with you, to help you stay up on current news that matters to you, to hear your stories and to even give and receive a little advice from time to time. Most of all, we want you to have a place to express yourself with (potentially) every 6th person in the world. Here's a sample of what you'll find at myspace.com/teen_ink:

An entire neighborhood of teenagers who are writers and artists and musicians, just like you!

Young Adult authors willing to chum it up with you.

Weekly writing exercises, tips on writing, music blogs, and more.

Post your work and get peer feedback from a group of teenagers (and maybe even published authors) whose experiences and opinions are far more varied and numerous than any workshop you've taken in school.


Find Teen Ink Magazine on MySpace (myspace.com/teen_ink) and join the worldwide discussion!

    P.S. In February Teen Ink is doing a special Love issue, so send us your non-fiction experiences, your fiction stories, or your poems for a chance to be included. You can submit your work by clicking here.



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