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October 26, 2007

10 Creative Ways to Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF

   Thanks to Catherine N., a student of Wheaton Warrenville South High School, for some original and inspiring ideas for this Halloween. Here's what she suggests:

    Change the world this Halloween by trick-or-treating for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and helping kids who suffer from poverty around the world. Here are some tips to get you started:

On Halloween, bring a Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF box to school and ask your friends, classmates, and teachers for donations.

Don't scream "Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF!" and shove your collection box in your neighbors' faces. Instead, invent an opener that will really grab their attention. Ask: "Would you like to save a kid today?" You might be surprised by just how generous people can be.

Check out some stats about what your donations provide on the “Download Center” of www.unicefusa.org/trickortreat. Pick your favorite and share it with your donors while trick-or-treating. Some examples: Six cents buys water for a thirsty child, and $2 buys food for three kids.

Have you ever played that ding-dong-ditch game on Halloween and left candy and a picture of a ghost? If not, click here to get in on the fun. Download free ghost signs

here. When you "boo" your neighbors this year, attach a Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF information sheet (see below) and a box to spread the word around. Hey, you can even print out this article to let them in on more ways to help UNICEF around Halloween!

As an alternative for those who would rather not ding-dong-ditch their neighbors, print out a Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF flier and distribute them to houses a day before Halloween. Download your colorful flier at www.unicefusa.org/trickortreat. Include a typed note letting your neighbors know that kids in their community will be trick-or-treating for UNICEF, and encourage everyone to get a UNICEF box themselves.

Recruit a team of munchkins for your UNICEF mission. People can’t resist cute kids! So take those nieces and nephews, sisters and brothers with you this Halloween.

Speak at a local elementary school about Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF on the day before Halloween, and pass out boxes.

Visit local stores and ask them to leave a Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF box on their counters for the week of Halloween. Inquire if they want to send the donations they raise directly to UNICEF, or if you should come back to pick them up.

Going to a Halloween party? Bring your box with you! Have a job? Take your Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF box to work during the week of Halloween.

Sign up to become a UNICEF volunteer at www.unicefusa.org/volunteer, and check out all the projects or fundraisers you can start to help save kids around the world.

    How to Get Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF box:

    Order boxes online at www.unicefusa.org/trickortreat. They're free!

    In a time crunch? Log on to the "Download Center" of the UNICEF website. Scroll down to their Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF canister wrapper, which you can print out and use on any container.

    Once you've raised money, follow the directions on the back of your UNICEF box and send in your donations via Internet, mail, phone, or Coinstar machine.

    For more information about Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF, log on to www.unicefusa.org/trickortreat or call 1-800-4UNICEF.

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