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August 25, 2007

Find an Ideal Opportunity

    Dorry S., a junior at American University and one of Teen Ink's interns wrote this week's "Extra Ink."

   As the school year begins, many students look for volunteer or internship opportunities in order to gain experience and build their resume or college applications. While many schools offer departments that can help match students with volunteer opportunities, students can always use additional resources. Luckily, there is a website anyone can access giving you a multitude of options.

    Idealist.org, a group within Action Without Borders, is a website where you can search for jobs, internships and volunteer activities, especially in the nonprofit area.

   The website was launched in 1996 and today it lists over 62,000 nonprofit and community organizations in more than 165 countries!

    In addition to browsing the site for various opportunities, Idealist also lets users build an online profile with their ideal hours, locations and experiences, and Idealist will send you an e-mail a day with open opportunities fitting your needs. Once you build a profile, employers may also search for you and then request your help.

    Idealist also offers a Nonprofit Career Center, which features interviews with professionals and advice about working in the sector. Idealist also began hosting Nonprofit Career Fairs in 2000, allowing even more people the chance to network and find work. The organization merged with the Campus Outreach Opportunity League in 2003 and now hosts the annual Idealist Campus Conference, sharing experiences, ideas and contacts in order to better fit students to these opportunities.

    Best of all, Idealist is free to use! So why wait? Log on and start changing the world today.



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