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July 20, 2007

43 Things To Do

    Shara Z., a soon-to-be junior at Northwestern University and one of Teen Ink's interns wrote this week's "Extra Ink."

   With an entire month of summer left, you want to think about going to the beach, attending barbeques, reading Harry Potter (midnight tonight!), and soaking in all the sun that you can before school starts. The last thing on your mind is a to-do list.

    Although to-do lists have always intimidated me, whether during the summer or any other time of year, the Web site 43things.com makes thinking about the future a much more feasible, and even entertaining, activity. After you register at no cost on the Web site, you write a list of 43 things that you want to accomplish, ranging from “write more letters by hand” to “learn to roll my r’s” to “become an author” to “learn to relax” and everything in between.

   Nothing is too big or too small to write down, and you can always change your goals and cross them out after you complete one. You can even share your “things” through a blog if you choose, and view other people’s blogs to open you up to new goals you may not have thought of otherwise, such as making a medieval dress or riding your bike across America.

   Visit www.43things.com and get inspired! And remember, going to the beach more, learning to make homemade iced tea and getting a tan without getting burned first are all perfectly good ideas . . . as is contributing to Teen Ink magazine, of course.



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