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April 14, 2007

Celebrate National Poetry Month

   A poem can make you feel more connected to nature n and to yourself. It can help you see the ocean, a car or even annoying little brothers in a new light. Poems can also help you honor loved ones or cope with loss. Thereis no doubt about it, poems are magical.

  April is National Poetry Month, and because youire a part of our Teen Ink community, we know you want to celebrate this very special genre as much as we do.

The Academy of American Poets (who inaugurated NPM in 1996) offers 30 ways to celebrate the event. Follow through on one of the Academyis suggestions, or come up with your own way to pay tribute to poetry.

   Another great resource is Poetry 180 . Billy Collins, former Poet Laureate of the United States, selected 180 poems (the typical number of days in a school year) with high school students in mind. Browse the list of poems to find ones that move you. Maybe youill print one up and tape it to your locker, or slip it to your sweetie in between classes. Or, if youire particularly proactive, you can suggest that your high school administrators make Poetry 180 a daily part of your schoolis culture.

  If none of the 180 strikes your fancy, then go to the Poetry Foundationis website, which helps visitors find great poems by subject. .

  We hope these resources help you celebrate poetryis magic. Happy National Poetry Month!

P.S. Remember, Teen Ink is calling for book reviews for our June issue. Perhaps you want to read a book of poetry, write a review of it, and send it our way.



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