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March 24, 2007

Calling for Educator of the Year Contest Nominations

  Some of the best people we know are educators: the teachers who are comforting and colorful, the ones whose classes you recall with enthusiasm, who immerse you in a new subject and fill you to the brim with love of learning. If an educator you know has done something exceptional for you and for others, spread the word. We at the Teen Ink office are looking for extra ink from you n especially Educator of the Year Contest nominations, which we canit get enough of. Weive got our own stories about inspiring educators, and here are a few of the most memorable:

Ms. M. was my high school Spanish teacher, and you couldnit get anything past her. She was tough, but she supported each of us as we tried to reach her high expectations. She would always stay after school to help me. Once, she even helped me translate my favorite ska song from Spanish to English. n Randy Tartow, Special Projects, Teen Ink Magazine

Mr. F. was my English professor during my freshman year of college, and his passion for literature was so infectious that I switched from an accounting major to an English major. Mr. F. changed my lifeis path by showing me the power of words. I am forever grateful. n Tara Jordan, Assistant Editor, Teen Ink Magazine

Because of scheduling conflicts, I was unable to fit Spanish class into my schedule for my junior year, but my Spanish teacher, Ms. E., gave up her lunch hour every day that year so I could have a private study with her. Thatis dedication! n Katie Olsen, Production Coordinator, Teen Ink Magazine

In middle school some friends and I wanted to start a Gay-Straight Alliance club. When administrators resisted, my radical art teacher, Ms. E., took the project under her wing and helped us get the club up and running. Thanks to Ms. E., the GSA was successful and fun. n Emma H., High School Intern, Teen Ink Magazine

When I was little, I worried about what to call my father if I ever ended up having him for a high school math class. He said Iid know what to do when the time came and he was right, as usual. I called my geometry teacher Dad.

For 35 years, my father, in his quiet, strong way, has connected with his students, evaluating how each learns best and tailoring his teaching accordingly. No one else can explain a torturous math concept as many different ways to make sure everyone gets it. I wish Iid know how to celebrate him when I was a student, wish Iid know about Teen Inkis Educator of the Year Contest so heid have a little of the recognition he deserves but never seeks. n Kate Dunlop Seamans, Editor, Teen Ink Magazine

For samples of previous Educator of the Year Contest winners, click here. Then nominate an educator who has had an impact on your life.



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