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February 16, 2007

Shop Red

   Thanks to Catherine

N., a sophomore from Wheaton, IL who

thinks we should all go (RED)

TM. Here's

what she had to say:

   Did you know that you can

save lives by shopping? Welcome to the

(RED)TM plan, designed to

eradicate AIDS

in Africa. Whenever you choose a (RED)


product, you contribute to stopping the

number-one cause of death in Africa:



estimates that

three million people die from AIDS every

year *V a number that will grow if this

deadly disease continues to spread.

AIDS has orphaned about 13 million

African children and HIV continues to

infect 2,000 children daily. Countless

more people will perish if we do not take

immediate action.


(RED)TM works with

businesses such as

American Express, Converse, Gap,

Giorgio Armani, Motorola, and Apple to

make life-saving (RED)TM

products. A

portion of the proceeds goes toward

buying and distributing anti-retroviral

medicine that will help victims of AIDS,

specifically children. With our help, these

efforts can ultimately eliminate the


   So next time you purchase

clothes, a cell phone, an iPod, shoes, a

digital watch, or an American Express

card, buy (RED)TM and

make a difference

in the world. Check it out at www.Join

Red.com .

Along with others, U2's Bono created

(RED)TM. He's not the

only artist concerned with global issues.

Check out Teen Ink's interview with Alicia Keys

to learn how she's making








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