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February 9, 2007


A Website Review: The Art Zone

   Thanks to Laura M., an eighth

grader from Louisville, KY who sent us the following

website review:

   The Art Zone is a website created by

the National Gallery of Art to help students appreciate

art. On this site students can play with different kinds

of art modeled after famous pieces in the National

Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.

   Try it and have fun (http://


), but be careful because you will become so

absorbed in playing with art that you won't be able to

do anything else. Check out the site's "Jungle"

section, inspired by French artist Henri Rousseau.

You can use the menu bar on the side of the screen

to put Rousseau-style plants or animals into your

own painting. You can even make the sky rainy,

sunny, or dark like the night and add a moon and

stars if you'd like. When you finish creating your own

jungle, it looks like a real piece of art that could

appear in the National Gallery right next to

Rousseau's work. It makes you feel just like a real

artist. Way cool!


But there's more. Go to the "PaintBox" and create

your own piece while learning about different artistic

elements like color, transparency, symmetry and

lines. There's also the "Collage Machine" which

helps you creatively express yourself with different


   This website is fun for everyone, no

matter your age. You don't even need to spend any

money to feel like an artist because it is free. You

can't beat that. Go to The Art Zone and interact with

all kinds of art. You will love it.







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