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January 19, 2007


Express Yourself

   Teen Ink believes in the power of self-expression

-- to

heal -- to

discover -- to celebrate -- to change. "Freedom Writers" -- out

in theaters now -- speaks to that belief. Based on a true story,

the movie depicts a young English teacher and her high school

students as they write their way through stereotypes, violence

and unfortunate circumstances to discover the individuals they

are meant to be. Go see "Freedom Writers" (and then we

hope you'll write a review and send it our way).

  Here are some other items on the topic of self-


In "Write for Your Life," Newsweek columnist


Quindlen says that the power of writing is "a lesson everyone

needs." Yes, it is. Read the


Joel L. Swerdlow's National Geographic article,


Power of Writing," is about a Chinese man who spent 18 years

in jail for writing essays arguing for democracy. You'll also

learn about the impact of writing throughout history. Check it out.

Ralph Fletcher's book, Breathing In Breathing Out,


inspire you keep a writer's notebook, a safe place to collect

inspirations from your life (Breathing In) and craft your own

original writing (Breathing Out).

  So go view, go read, and then go write. The

world needs your








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