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December 29, 2006


Giving Generously

    Lose five pounds. Work out three

times per week.

Be nicer to little brother. Make bed every day.

Get homework done right after school. Get eight of

sleep each night hours -- rather than the standard five.

   Want unique New Year's resolutions

instead of the

clichéd ones that even your little brother can think

of? Living

Generously can help. Started in 2004,

this UK-based group aims to inform citizens and

improve the world through small, everyday choices.

   Think about it. By eating lunch with

someone you

don't know very well, you could break social

barriers and help eliminate teenage cliques. By

donating old sweaters and books (or that unwanted

gift from Aunt Bertha), you could make a difference

to an underprivileged youth. And by turning off the

faucet while brushing your teeth (twice a day like

the dentist says) you can eliminate water waste.

These are some of the many action suggestions

offered on the website.

   So if you're a community-minded

individual and

you're looking to make a big difference in small

ways for 2007, click through to Living








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