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December 15,



TED Can Help You Out of the Box

   Thereis a place where the people with the brainpower and creativity to step outside of the traditional thinking box go. Itis a place where innovative minds inspire each other, where think-leaders gather to unveil their fresh ideas. You, too, can go there n without leaving the comfort of your room.

   Visit TED (www.ted.com). Short for Technology, Entertainment and Design, TED is an invitation-only annual event where the worldis most creative people interact to celebrate and spur on unique perspectives and ideas. In fact, it's where the oh-so-cool Macintosh computer and the compact disc were introduced to the world many moons ago.

   Lucky for us not-yet-invited, still-developing-our-extraordinariness people, TED has an extensive web site that people like us may explore to push our creativity. Click on the iHighlightsi tab and view artist Vik Munizis portraits made with sugar, listen to Jane Goodall talk about chimpanzees using computers, or check out how Bill Grossis Sunflower turns sunlight into electricity.

   You can also click on the iTED Talksi link to find longer videos of past speakers. We like Bonois talk about Africa, photographer Ed Burtynskyis sharing of his 3 wishes, and Jeff Hanis demonstration of his touch-driven computer screen. Poke around and find ones that inspire you.

   Let your imagination go wild in the world of TED, and in no time thinking outside of the box will become second nature.







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