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December 8,



Show Piggy the Money

   Is your piggy bank looking a bit malnourished because you've been feasting on double caramel mochas instead of feeding her your dough? Have

you been ignoring piggy's hungry squeals hoping that some day in the future

you'll be able to show her the money? Act now to fatten her up with hearty

coins and bills and in no time you'll be full of financial independence

instead of overly caffeinated beverages.

   Improve your financial literacy with a visit to Money Talks (http://www.moneytalks.ucr.edu/), a financial website for teens published by the University of California. Money Talks invites teens to view videos, read newsletters, and play games that will help you understand and adjust your relationship with money, learn how to manage car costs, build a savings strategy and more. We particularly like

the interactive Ask $am feature where teens can pose their financial


   It's never too early to plan for a healthy financial future.

Take the time to listen to what Money Talks has to say. Your piggy bank

will thank you for it.







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