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December 1,



Share the Magic of Words

   The holiday season is synonymous with tree-lit streets, mistletoe kisses, giddy ice skaters and &hellip consumerism. We here at Teen Ink propose you do something that pushes against the excessive consumerism. We want you to give the gift of inspiration -- without spending a dime.

   Based on an idea from poet and teacher Georgia Heard, hereis the challenge: write down inspirational words on a piece of paper and leave it in a public place for anyone to discover. Place a moving poem, some insightful song lyrics or an excerpt from your favorite novel under the salt shaker at a restaurant, in the restroom at the mall, even the school cafeteria &hellip anywhere you think a stranger would appreciate the unexpected inspirational boost. And if youire feeling really generous, maybe youill leave an entire book with an anonymous note about why itis a worthy read.

   We know you know and appreciate the power of words. In the spirit of the holiday season, share the magic as often as youid like &hellip once, twice, or every day between now and the end of 2006.

   Weire not suggesting you forego buying and receiving tangible gifts -- thatis part of the holiday tradition -- and fun. But letis make giving the gift of words part of the holiday tradition, too.







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