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November 17,




   Which superpower would you choose: flight or invisibility? And what does your choice show about your character? If you work hard enough, is it possible to actually become a superhero? And if so, which superpowers would guarantee your longevity?

   These are some of the questions explored in the iSuperpowersi episode of public-radiois show, iThis American Life.i Hosted by Ira Glass, each hour-long show is divided into four acts centered on a theme, in this case n superpowers. In this episodeis second act, we hear from a woman who methodically tried to become a superhero. And in the third act a superhero expert explains why Bee Man failed.

   Part humorous, part touching, part philosophical, iSuperpowersi is well worth a listen. Faster than a speeding bullet, go to the iThis American Lifei website (www.thislife.org), click on the iOur favorite showsi link in the left-hand column and find the iSuperpowersi link.

   And if getting in touch with your inner-superhero is not your thing, explore the site until you find an episode that does suit your fancy. Because we think that when it comes to thought-provoking entertainment, iThis American Lifei is more powerful than a locomotive. Perhaps youill even find a theme that kick-starts your own writing.

Read Teen Ink's interview with Ira Glass, host of "This Amercian Life."







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