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November 3,



Develop Your Creativity

   Whatis the difference between creative geniuses and everyone else? Good habits, at least according to Twyla Tharp, a prolific choreographer whose work on Broadwayis iMovini Outi earned her a 2003 Tony Award. In her book, The Creative Habit, Tharp shares with readers practical methods to pump up creativity, using examples from her own life as well as some of historyis creative heavy-hitters (Mozart, Beethoven) to illustrate her points.

   Want to know how to generate creative ideas? Read Tharpis book. Want to know how to identify and challenge your creative distractions and fears? Read Tharpis book. Want to know how to organize for creativity nirvana? You know where weire going here: find her book at the library and read it.

   Threaded throughout the book is Tharpis belief in the strong connection between movement and creativity, and not just for choreographers. She advises those looking for creative inspiration to move their bodies, which in turn will stimulate their imaginations. And in chapter nine, Tharp writes that honing your creativity is only effective if youire simultaneously sharpening the skill set necessary for your art. We think thatis sound advice for writing, art, photography &hellip any creative endeavor.

   So, check out Tharpis The Creative Habit and give your creativity the workout it needs, so you can become the creative heavy-weight you are meant to be.







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