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October 13,



Tough Choices

   Life is full of tough choices: Stay together or break up? IM or text? Coffee or tea? Take Andy, a jazzier dancer, or Larry, a snappier dresser, to the prom? When it comes to entertainment - movies, DVDs, television, music, books and games - make the choice easier with metacritic.com

   Metacritic provides a report card for entertainment items by combining individual critic scores and giving each item an overall grade (out of 100). Recently released on DVD, “United 93” earned an outstanding 93, and despite its cooler than cool title, “Snakes on a Plane” scored only an average 58.

   Metacritic includes excerpts from each of the reviews (Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, etc.) used to calculate the item’s score with the option to read the full review. In addition, site visitors can rate and review any of the entertainment items posted on the site. After giving Paris Hilton’s album “Paris” a zero rating, one site visitor posted the following comment: “nonobadmakeitstop!”

   Let metacritic.com help you make an informed decision about what movie to watch, book to read, music to listen to, or game to play. And you can go back to more of life’s tough choices: Stay up late to study or sleep? Pepperoni or plain? Laugh or cry?







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