Mental Health

April 5, 2018
By peacemauricio BRONZE, Freeport, New York
peacemauricio BRONZE, Freeport, New York
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Mental health, without a healthy one oneself can become multiple characteristics. Clueless, depressed, suicidal, isolated, loneliness, anxiety, social anxiety, there are multiple characteristics that can be associated with mental health. Mental health is so important if not the most important aspect of a human being’s wellbeing. Especially in today’s society, being surrounded with intensely growing technology, social media’s influences, what society sees as “fit” and “wrong” for society, stresses of our education system accompanying the stresses of one’s personal lives.It’s a formula for us teenagers to crumble mentally and emotionally. Before you make any opposes such as, we don’t pay bills, what are we to be depressed about, or any other opposition. Open your mind and put away the ignorance, I want my voice to be heard. You must understand we are a completely different generation from past ones in terms of social life, education life, technology, and parenting environment. We are the guinea pigs being presented to a new world, much different from past generations experienced. Depression consumed my life for more than a year, the feelings of loneliness, feelings of not wanting to wake up from sleep, feelings of not wanting to live. It consumed me, changed me into the person I am today. According to a study of national trends that was published in the Journal “Pediatrics”. From 2005 to 2014 the rate of teen depression increased 37% from 8.7% to 11.5%. Another study that was done in the UK showed that in the past 25 years there was a 70% increase in teen depression. Now, these are the teenagers that actually seek professional help. This number would without a doubt be much higher if every teenager going through a dark time seeked help. Sadly, that’s not the case, depression stops you and makes you think there is no hope, no light at the tunnel, just pitch black. You can have the best parents any child would wish for or have everything you ever desired, depression does not care. It will come into your life, slowly grasping your soul, injecting it’s poison. Until oneself notices, it’s too late. Our education system barely does anything to help or does not help at all. But no, let’s focus on these numbers found on our report card instead of our mental health. Let’s focus on AP World History or Geometry class that makes a person suffering dark times, even worse. Especially, when the teacher puts you down or laughs at you. I know many people, specifically girls who try their hardest with AP World History, some of them wishing to die or someone to be there for them because they don’t wanna be depressed anymore but they still, push forward to get that 95 or A+ on their report card, so their parents will get that release of dopamine. I suppose you see now that mental health is absolutely important, we have annual physical check ups and dental check ups but no mental health check ups. Where are the green ribbons to represent us depressed human beings? Breast Cancer gets so much attention it’s absolutely amazing but why not mental health? Why do we shush each other and not talk about mental health? Something needs to change, something absolutely needs to change. I hope I touched someone’s soul to make them realize how important mental health is important. Let’s kindle a movement for mental health. Mental health is absolutely important, especially in today’s society.

The author's comments:

What inspired me write was my personal experience with depression. I hope to spread awareness for mental health. 

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