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February 23, 2018
By Ghirardelli SILVER, Bangor, Maine
Ghirardelli SILVER, Bangor, Maine
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“Culture is like an iceberg.” This common simile attempts to explain culture and how it works and it does a pretty good job, but there are many other similes that can accomplish the same or a similar goal. For example, “culture is like a banana”. You look at it at first and you think something along the lines of “Oh, it’s a banana”, but then you peel it and there’s so much more. But that leaves out that once you peel a banana, that’s all there is. Maybe, “culture is like a book”, but that one’s a bit obvious. Instead, something that encases all of culture, “culture is like a painted wall”. Culture is like a painted wall for many reasons. First and foremost, it’s painted. Considering the wall, on top, you see a nice, or maybe not so nice, image that gives a general idea as to what it is. It tells you what it looks like and that's it. Culture has a very similar effect. On top, culture has an image that reflects the culture, whether it does a good or bad job at it. The image of culture, how we look at a culture from the outside, is the paint on the wall. It is the picture we see when we look at the wall. But there is also the wall itself. The wall is the foundation, the base of the paint. It is the reason the paint is there but is not visible from the outside. From the outside, you only see the paint. Culture is like this too. It has the picture, the paint, on the outside, but the inside of culture, the wall so to speak, is where the real meaning is. Without the actual culture itself, there would be no image. The paint reflects the wall but does not define it. The outside image of culture gives an idea as to what it is but does not give a full explanation. In conclusion, culture is like a painted wall.

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