Spiritual Comfortability

June 7, 2017

Religion can be a tedious, exasperating thing, yet also an encompassing, joyous gift. Whether you’re fully committed to a form of it, or have found yourself an atheist most of your life, there’s always at least one moment when you simply must question everything. That’s what us humans do… form beliefs. While each of us are built upon the same natural fundamentals as the next, we can’t pretend as if we can control one another’s beliefs. That’s why it’s important to understand that everyone possesses a different personal truth from each other, and that should be celebrated, not dreaded. You should never feel pressured into or out of a religion because someone may disagree with or deplore it. Spirituality can be a beautiful thing, and you can’t let someone take that blessing away from you, even if it is your family, or other valued people. Only you know what you believe in and feel connected to, and if it happens to be against the opinions of someone close to you, it’s alright. That being said, if you can’t commit or believe in a practice of religion, you’re not alone or unusual either, you simply have a different perspective than other people, and being able to stand behind your ideals is a wonderful thing, even if you face opposition. No matter what your personal truth is, we’re all human and need to respect one another for who they are and what they believe.

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