Beauty Versus Character

April 16, 2017
By priti BRONZE, Visakhapatnam, Other
priti BRONZE, Visakhapatnam, Other
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sometimes life throws dirt at you ;all you gotta do is to grow flowers from the dirt that the life has given you. its all about making something good out of your problems......:)

I've seen many people comparing the way they look with others ..... criticising others... hurting other's feelings ....That's very mean and sad.... Every person in this world has his or her own talent .... his or her speciality... everyone's beautiful in one way or the other.... For example a woman whi has a scar right all over her face doesn't make her evil or bad.... she might have the most beautiful character... She might be very good and kind as a person.... helping everyone out in her best possible way...

On the other hand .... A guy can be good looking and perfectly built.... But then whats the use if he cannot even have the courtesy to be nice with other people.... No one would like him....

It is more important to build a good character rather than trying to look beautiful.... Beauty lies in the heart... The way you interact with others makes an opinion about you in other people minds...

It doesn't matter even if you dont look good .... All that matters is your heart and whether it beats for the sake of others or not.....

At last all I wanna say is Beauty is not all the matters.... Its your Character thats gonna make a difference in your life and its gonna inspire many other lives.... There will be joy all around you.... everyone will be happy...there will be a sense of Brotherhood....... This is what the world needs right now....

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