The Ultimate Sacrifice

November 15, 2016
By , Hartland, WI

Memorial day is more than just another day off, it’s about remembering the people who sacrificed everything for us. We often forget, what it is like to be in war until it actually happens. When war does happen we truly do appreciate the sacrifice and commitment from the people in the military.

Under soil, there are men and women who sacrificed everything for us. Their lives sacrificed for everyone to be safe. Knowing that their families could receive a folded up flag. The flag also represents everything that they did for this country, Their bravery and commitment to serve the people is unmatched by no one.

It’s about looking up at the flag waving around in the air. Knowing that our country is the best there is. Being thankful from where we come from and live. Knowing the importance of the people who protected us from danger and allowing us to live the lives that we do. They ultimately protect the red, white, and blue on the flag.

Memorial day helps us remember the little things that we can do to remember everyone that served. It’s things such as standing up for the pledge of allegiance. Placing our hands over our hearts. Silence during the anthem to remember and think about our brave men and women. That is what Memorial Day is all about. It’s about giving everything to the men and women who sacrificed everything for people they did not know.

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