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All Lives Matter

We live in this world where we have become terrified of each other because we have no idea what people are capable of. We watch the news and see these people being shot down in the streets and then we see them attacking police and other innocent human being so no one is safe as a person who has done nothing wrong in the media’s eyes. And no one is really acting to change the views of the people, if you really think about it. Everyone is so biased on who is truly innocent and who really needs to be accused properly of their actions that we don’t know who to trust anymore. We rely heavily on Facebook posts by people we don’t know, twitter posts the end up on our dash, the media telling us, “so and so, a black man, was shot and killed by police after trying to grab a weapon and resisting arrest.” This is what we have come to. Not all blacks are innocent, not all cops are innocent, and the American people need to see this. According to statistics given by an officer, 78 policer officers have died this year. 195 people of African American descent have been killed. It shouldn’t be about Blue Lives Matter, or Black Lives Matter, it should be about All Lives Matter. The fact we have to clarify this, at all, is cause enough for concern. Maybe, to decrease the fear of police, because that is a real fear nowadays, we should have what happened in North Carolina happen. I’m not talking about the riots, I’m talking about people going up to officers and hugging them. Giving free hugs to people who others might be scared of. We’re a strong nation, and we are strong by standing together no matter the color of our skin. America, give your officers a hug. Your friends. Your family. Don’t spread the hate and fear that is being circulated by the media and don’t forget to stand strong. 

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