faith,the more the better?

January 22, 2009
By fayntayza cavitt, Aroura, CO

Do we need faith in this world? I think we do. We need faith because now a day I walk down the street and I see people with diamonds, cars, and money but no faith. I mean if you don’t have faith then those things don’t mean any thing .I’ve learned to see that people who don’t have much material things have more faith then the people who do have a lot. Like people in Africa have more faith then people in Colorado. Do you want to know why? It’s because they don’t think that diamonds, money, and cars make their life better but faith and god will.

How many people go to church? What 5 out of 10 people. Well I go to church every Sunday. Actually I was in church when I started thinking bout how many people have faith. So after church I started talking to my priest and he said “if you don’t have faith then you’re not living a happy life. People in church don’t even come to church with faith, how are you going to come to the house of god with out faith, and I know why…its because church done changed to a fashion show then a place to praise god and get faith and hope.”

This world needs faith like little kids need medicine. The biggest fact I’ve found was that most people care about is material things and sex and drugs instead of faith god and hope. How many people really know how faith feels?

Not a lot.

But a way they can get faith is going to church and instead of thinking about nothing but material things sex and drugs and start thinking bout god and hope and go to church and keep your head up. Always think of positive things. What is faith exactly? Well no one knows for sure. But what I think faith is when you believe that there can be better times when you’re going through it. But half the time people give up on them self’s when they have faith. They get tired of waiting so just like Jordan sparks song, you have to take 1 step at a time. You have to have faith through every thing. Ok?

Where dose faith begin?

Faith begins in your soul then flows to your heart and then it takes over your body. Just like a disease.

So just ask you’re self this 1 question.


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