Not 'Extra'-- Necessary

August 1, 2014
Extracurricular activities are extremely important. Not only are they impressive on college applications, they are also huge stress-relievers.

Sara Feinstein, a High School senior, states that “you need more than good grades and high scores to be accepted into college: you need a deep involvement in extracurriculars.” Extracurricular activities help you become a well-rounded person, and they “give an idea of what [a] student may someday contribute to society”, says Feinstein. In this regard, activities outside of school are very important.

Additionally, extracurriculars help alleviate the overwhelming stress surrounding academics. According to the article “Stop Stressing Me” by David Noonan, “most kids today enjoy their endless whirl of lessons, games, and practices” because the involvement in extracurriculars allows one to ignore the pressure of grades and homework. Extracurricular activities become a safe haven from the stress of school. After a long day of tests, essays, grades, and homework, I can’t wait to get to horseback riding lessons. The moment I arrive and breathe in the scent of the horse I am riding that day, all my stress and worry melts away, and I just focus on riding. Activities outside of school help alleviate stress and tension.

A heavy involvement in extracurriculars is helpful in two regards. First, colleges love to see participation in activities outside the classroom. Also, spending time focusing on extracurriculars allows one to ignore the pressure of studying and grades. Extracurriculars aren’t ‘extra’—they’re necessary in producing a well-rounded, successful individual.

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