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Blind in Our World

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Reality v.s. Daydream is way different we all dream about a perfect life and no harm done. Yet in reality we experience something different, we don't chose what happens in our lives but who enters it. Sometimes things happen that we don't want to happen, we get hurt, we love, we laugh, we make mistakes but we must move on, or things will get tough and you will never know when to be happy. Sometimes when we've been hurt so much we can become blind, and not see what is in front of us which is sad to say. From experience, being blind is an awful thing because your just so used to getting hurt that we just automatically assume that were going to always to get hurt. Blindness means that when something good comes along were blind and don't know what to do, so we push it away because we think its something bad. In life we must be optimistic, and be open minded about everything because we can miss so many things its as if just the wind passes by but your not enjoying the breeze because your too caught up in all the bad. Sometimes horrible things happen you just simply say "Im used to it". Thats when its time for change because even though were facing reality and nothing is perfect we can change the bad, learn from it, and move on. In conclusion, don't be blind because of all the bad experience, don't let that bad continue but most importantly don't be blind. Live the life you want to and live it with faith.

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