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Democracy without discipline is meaningless. Those who break the bounds of duty and discipline, and aspire for unchanted freedom are like mouthless rivers which lose themselves in wastelands and sandy deserts.

Freedom is an empty word if it is not charged with the spirit of duty and discipline.

What will happen if the objects of nature, in their passion for unrestricted freedom, go on strike? Like, the oceans overflow, the mountains fly, and the stars dash out of their orbits.

Democratic ideas cannot be planted in the minds of the people through books, or through lessons. Instead of becoming a great nation, we would be featured among the world’s most corrupt nations. The morals and values would no longer be with us.

Freedom can be utilised as a constructive and also as a destructive force by any nation.

Several countries including the world’s mightiest power are affected by the scourge of terrorism, which has taken many forms: bomb explosions, assassination of selected people, mass killing, and sometimes ransom for hijacking.

Disorder bordering lawlessness, caused by a number of demonstrations and strikes, are found in all walks of national life. In small things and big, we take our freedom for granted. When our ancestors started their fight to obtain independence, little would they have thought what freedom would come to mean to the succeeding generations.

Before Independence, freedom meant shaking off the foreign yoke, but today it means shaking off our responsibilities.

Today, people have lost their sense of purpose. They have a strange notion of Democracy in which they donot have any duties, but merely rights. Thus, the meaning of freedom has got completed; it means doing anything at all.

People have little regard for others. It is hardly a wonder that today freedom means breaking traffic rules, throwing rubbish around, and stretching laws for self-benefit. Why do we treat freedom in this derogatory fashion?

It is hardly a wonder that people shift the blame to the government while they exercise their freedom without responsibilty.

People protest because Democracy means making one’s voice heard. Finally, all freedom are linked to responsibilty. Real freedom is thus, giving the people the right to control their own lives. They should not expect the government to do everything for them.

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