Warrior Among Warriors

May 6, 2013
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I can imagine myself as a lone wolf on-stage in an auditorium filled with hundreds of teenagers, and I know if I stated ‘Raise your hand if you are a warrior!’ I wouldn’t exactly see the makings of a wave. Are people ashamed to be warriors, embarrassed to admit the mortal power they contain within themselves? Truthfully, I don’t know if I’d have the guts to raise my hand either, but as an amateur warrior - or at least one in the making - I’ll know I deserve the title when I can proudly proclaim myself a warrior. But don’t you worry; I’ll keep a plate of humble pie nearby just in case.

First of all, while donning your best warrior attire isn’t exactly pertinent or really even relevant to the position, it sure can give you a boost: a boost of confidence and a boost of respect from fellow warriors with good style and a kind enough nature. While the mention of ‘style’ is an embarrassing reminder that I’m not an atypical female teen, let me explain. To me, the dress is simple enough. Or, I suppose it’s not so much the dress as the shoes. Or in my case, boots. Yes, I have some mighty Doc Martens, black as the dark clothing dye I’ve saved for a day of ultimate angst. While I’m not the most impressive girl to be wearing them, they’re very convenient when it comes to kicking open doors every once in a while.

Now, back to when this essay was actually relevant to one of the prompts; I believe attitude is the key. Big buff bod? Not so much. That’s one way to get you into the club, but there’s not much good with a body that doesn’t contain a brain. Perhaps I’m a little defensive because I don’t exactly have muscle to spare, but I think there are aspects of my personality that make up for it. While I’ve been told that I’m very shy and soft-spoken, there are closer friends I have that would say I have a wicked sense of humor, an admittedly dry tone, a fun-loving side, and courage. I’ve also been told I’m a kind person, and I suppose it depends on who you ask whether that’s a good characteristic for a real warrior to possess.

What is a real warrior? It is my opinion that a warrior is a courageous being who is willing to stand up in favor of their values and beliefs without cracking under the pressure of persuasion. Courage is not always apparent to the naked eye, but there are many different kinds of courage, and that renders some of us late bloomers. You may have been the infamous brave little buster in your kindergarten class or you may be the individual still searching for courage inside yourself. To all late bloomers, I would tell them: that doesn’t mean it’s not there.

I am a warrior, with my silly-billy attitude and ‘Aw Shucks’ grins, realistically equipped with a rain-cloud that looms over me on my not-so-swell days. I’m not perfect, nor do I expect anyone else to be. And while it may not always be physically, I will fight.

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