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Writing and speaking are something that I usually struggle with. I struggle with the right things to say, to write. I fear of my mind blanking out and be unable to give say something relevant or good. But I’m more scared of failing. Cause putting together words that will make good sense is difficult. Words have so much power to change not only the meaning of what you are saying but also change the person who you are talking to. What if I sent the wrong message? What if I made you feel bad instead?

And then I stop, and think. How can these tiny things made up of sounds and letter be so mighty?

Let me tell you this little girl. This little girl was trapped inside a world where she thought she could do anything. She could sing. She could dance. She could draw. Everything she did made her happy. Then one day a person very close told her, joked around that she wasn’t doing anything right. This little girl’s world crashed. The words she heard tore her. She felt worthless. She thought that all her so called talents were lies, were fakes. She felt she couldn’t do anything right. This little shy girl, shunned the world even more. Fearing again to hear those words. Fearing again to feel the pain.

You see, words can break you. They can make you feel vulnerable, and leave you crying in the dark. They can bind you, chain you up, and place you in a cage where you are left either to observe or follow and believe whatever you have heard. Words can cut the heart deeply. They can hurt.

However words are not all the time evil. They can do good stuff.

A single text from your crush. A praise from a stranger. That line from that movie or your favorite song. Words that give happiness, hope, confidence, and love. Words that inspire us, motivate us to do something good or be nice to ourselves or just make us feel better.

Words can change us for the good, the better, or the worse. They can make us feel worthless or they can make us feel special. It all depends on where it is coming from or how it is constructed. The saying “think before you speak” is usually not followed. I myself am guilty of this. But I try my best to say something good about the people. I try myself not to be too judgemental, looking at both the good side at everything and everyone.

Because words had broken once. I felt worthless. I felt that my talents were lies, were fake. But words also gave me strength. A person close to me told me I was special, unique. Every time I was in that dark place, she told me words of wisdom and encouragement. Words had also given me hope. That even though I might sometimes be a pessimist, I think all will be well in my future.

I hope this article of mine had made you thinking. Go back to the words you have spoken to the people around, and think if you have either made them feel good or bad. Because words are powerful. They contain responsibility. They can hurt. They can make you laugh. They can do a lot of stuff.

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